Opposing Arguments

Contrary to popular belief, a study — led by a Harvard graduate student who plays the saxophone, flute, bassoon, oboe, and clarinet — found no cognitive benefits to music lessons.

According to a Harvard Study, there was no effects that music had on children’s learning whatsoever. 

“They randomly assigned 4-year-olds and their parents to two different groups, and Mehr taught both classes, which ran 45 minutes and went on for six weeks, to ensure that the difference couldn’t be accounted for by a more charismatic teacher.

Instead of intelligence, they looked at a broad suite of tests, including core mathematical abilities, spatial navigation, and linguistic abilities. The study found no evidence of benefit, although it cannot rule out that music might have cognitive benefits, or that perhaps more classes could have an effect.”

Others make the argument that music is too distracting for the mind. It messes with our short term memory removing all the academic content from our minds and replacing it with songs. 

DON’T Listen to Music While Studying


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